Featured Artist: Cris Cleen

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Cris Cleen…. Currently tattooing at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY…

1. Where are you from?? i’m from the midwest originally but spent, up until recently , my whole adult life in California.

2. Where do you currently live?? i currently live and work in Brooklyn , New York.

3. What Made you Want to Get your First Tattoo?/When did you first become interested in getting tattooed? i remember wanting to get tattooed and be heavily tattooed as soon as i was old enough. after getting the first one and seeing the inside of a tattoo shop and the designs, i knew i wanted to be a part of it. i wanted to live in it and dive into the strange mystery of those images.

4. Where did you get your first tattoo? i got my first tattoo when i was 18 in California on my leg of a logo i drew for a punk rock band that i never got going. haha

Cris_Cleen_redblackmask5.  How did you start tattooing? i had an apprenticeship and
moved towards southern California to a beach town and worked every day.

6. When you are not tattooing, how do you like to spend your free time?  i like to paint when im not working. i like exploring ideas that arent always related to work. its good to get those gears going in that way even if its not what you do for money or even to have shows.

7. Who are your artistic influencers?/Mentors? i think everyone ive ever worked with has had an influence on me. influence is a funny thing that cant be filtered the way you want all the time. anyone who does something different than you is going to make an impression. were picking up things from everyone, everywhere, at all times.cris_cleen_crown

8. Any heroes? i dont have heroes. your life is different than anyone else’s. there is no one path to get to where your going  so i dont think you can really measure against anything else. cris_cleen_skeletonrose

9. How has being tattooed affected your life? ive had tattoos since ive been an adult so its hard to say what it might be like otherwise. i think at the very least, it associates you with an alternative lifestyle . although, the more common having tattoos becomes , the less alternative it is so, im sure future generations will have different judgements about tattoos entirely.

10. What tattoo has the most meaning for you? its hard to have a tattoo stand out of a large collection, i have a palm tree on my hand which is a nice reminder of sunshine and its nice that its a symbol that makes everyone feel good.

11. What are your inspirations inside & outside of tattooing? inspiration comes from everywhere, the same. i mean, who could even pin point something like that. put it into a list would be impossible. i dont ask myself those questions. when you start to file those things and analyze them , you start to second guess them. an idea for a design or painting , the first one is the purest . the trouble is seeing that through to completion cris_cleen_dove

12. What tattoo has been your most favorite/memorable? i’m not sure if you mean, a tattoo that i have, or have done. all the experiences stick with you. when someone is happy or a connection is made. cris_cleen_skullpalmtree

13. Favorite shops to tattoo at? any place that has the space for me to do my thing is ideal .

14. Favorite people to tattoo alongside? anyone  that doesnt talk too loud. haha

cris_cleen_vampire 15. Favorite style of tattoos? any memorable design. ones that stand out and make a statement. ones you can see from a distance. an image that everyone understands.

16. Do you have a “specialty?” hopefully the same as above. things that can be worn forever with anything.

Cris_Cleen_womaninweb17. Best way to set up an appt.? email me or come in person and talk to me.

18. Do you have any favorite places to travel? & Where would you like to go?  i would like to make it over to europe and canada  at least. for now. i travel back to California often. you cant ever really leave paradise.

19. How do your travels inspire the tattoos you like and like to do? i think when your up there, in the air surrounded by people who probably arent the same as you or visiting a place away from the daily life , you think about what matters to you and the sentiments that stay with you, wherever you are. so for me , the imagery that stays  are those designs that say the simple life and love and death feelings, in the tattoo vocabulary.

20. What music are you listening to currently? honkey tonk.

21. Last words? dont think so hard about making a tattoo idea that has never existed. we can say everything with the simple symbols we have .  trust us.Cris_Cleen_womanarm Cris_cleen_horsebelly Cris_Cleen_redmask


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