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Currently tattooing all over! Check out his website for more deets or instagram @hbnielsentattoo… HB Selfie

1. Where are you from?? Gothenburg, Sweden.

2. Where do you currently live? Nowhere, I’m traveling full time. I just bought a puppy though, so I’m moving to Stockholm, Sweden, next week.

3. What Made you Want to Get your First Tattoo?/When did you first become interested in getting tattooed? I can’t remember, really. Some classmates got tribals in high school. Stars and Chinese signs were trendy. I remember one guy in school came in one day with his name in Chinese characters on his lower arm, and I thought it was awesome.

4. Where did you get your first tattoo? I got my first tattoo when I was 17 on a family vacation in Turkey. It came out horrible but I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Then I moved to the U.S. after high school and got tattooed the second day after I arrived, and then I started spending most of my moneyNielson_Hb_rosedevil on tattoos whenever I had some extra cash. I think most of my tattoos are paid for by student loans, so I guess I’ll be paying for them for the next 30 years or so.Nielson_Hb_wakeup

5. How did you start tattooing? I figured out I wanted to tattoo pretty late, and had a lot of tattoos and even my hand done before the idea even occurred to me that it was something I should try myself. I was 24 and lived on my mom’s couch, working as a door-to-door fish salesman after having graduated from college. One of the colleagues was this guy I skateboarded with a few times as a kid. He was tattooing out of his apartment and I let him practice on me a few times, then I bought a couple of machines from him. Six months after that, I had a full time job tattooing in a street shop, but no idea what I was doing.

6. When you are not tattooing, how do you like to spend your free time? I like to read books. Some of my favorite authors are: J.D. Salinger, Cormack McCarthy, Sylvia Plath, Harper Lee, Paul Harding, Harper Lee, and Finnish author Tove Jansson. I also like to write. nielsen_hb_candleskull 7. Who are your artistic influencers?/Mentors? I’m interested in tattoo history and feel influenced by a lot of Scandinavian tattooers from the late 19th century and first half of the 20th: Niels Fischer, Gustav Bechmann, Carl Gustafsson, and others. Another influence is Rosie, a tattooer in Hawaii around the Sailor Jerry era. He had a very naive and simple style that I love. Many contemporary artists influence me as well: Obviously Liam Sparkes and Duncan X in London, as well as Thomas Hooper. An artist that flies under the radar but puts out great work is Bram Adey in Canada.

8. Any heroes? J.D. Salinger’s fictional characters Seymour Glass, Franny Glass, and Zooey Glass.

9. What tattoo has been your most favorite, unique or unusual (either on you and/or one you have done). I’ve tattooed a couple roses on one of my best friends, Anne. The stems come up between the breasts and the flowers almost go up to the throat. I like that tattoo, the placement of it. It’s strong and simple.

10. Favorite shops to tattoo at? I like to tattoo at All Gold, Salvation, AKA, Tatouage Royal, and many other shops.nielsen_hb_tibetanflowers 11. Favorite people to tattoo alongside ? Kalle Sodergren at All Gold is always fun to be around. He’s a pirate.

12. Favorite style of tattoos? Currently I like handpoked tattoos. They have a nice, rough texture that make the tattoos come alive. 13. Do you have a “specialty?” I guess stippled tattoos in black. And handpoked tattoos.

14. Best way to set up an appt.? hbnielsentattoo@gmail.com 15. Do you have any favorite places to travel? & Where would you like to go? Right now I’m really looking forward to stay in one place for a bit and spend time with Matilda, my little Maltipoo puppy, and my good friends in Stockholm. I’m looking forward to summer and gardening on the balcony. I’m gonna grow kitchen spices, tobacco and tomatoes. And maybe a dandelion.

16. How do your travels inspire the tattoos you like and like to do? Entirely. Through traveling I’ve met great tattooers from whom I’ve learned tattooing techniques, exchanged reference books and archives, and also gotten a glimpse of what an adventure it can be to practice this craft. 17. What music are you listening to currently?Nielson_Hb_windowtothesea

Hakan Hellstrom – Minnen av Aprilhimlen

The Felice Brothers – Radio Song

Patti Smith – Land:

Deportees – Under the Pavement, The Beach

Eldkvarn – Karlekens Tunga

Iron & Wine – Belated Promise Ring

Deer Tick – Houston, TX

The Clash – The Card Cheat

The National – Learning

Mavis Staples – You Are Not AloneNielson_Hb_skulltits

The Cave Singers – Summer Light

Eldkvarn – Morkret Knackar Pa Min Dorr

The Tallest Man On Earth – To Just Grow Away

Woven Hand – The Good Hand

The Gaslight Anthem – Meet Me By the River’s Edge

Paul Simon – Graceland

Tom Waits – Hold On


18. Shout outs? Thanks to all the people who get tattooed by me.Nielson_Hb_thievesflash

HB_Catman HB_BuffaloNielson_Hb_birdcandle HB_Fish HB_Ship

Nielson_Hb_elephantgirl Nielson_Hb_birdmatch

HB_Whale HB_penguin HB_owlman HB_hattower HB_girlandrope HB_gigi HB_elephantflower

Nielson_Hb_alltangled Nielson_Hb_deepshitHB_butterflywoman Nielson_Hb_butterfly



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