Featured Artist: Will Card

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Will Card (insta @willcardltd)…. Currently tattooing at Saints & Sinners in Dallas, TX…
1.Where are you from??
El Paso, TX
2. Where do you currently live??
Dallas, TX
3. Where did you get your first tattoo?
Diablo Graphics in Texas. I was 17 yrs old, sketched out a devil head and got it on my shoulder blade.
4. How did you start tattooing?  How long have you been tattooing?
I’ve been tattooing for 13 yrs. Started out as a homeless street artist in Dallas. One of the guys from the crew took me in and he had a tattoo machine. I started tattooing out of his house and eventually got a spot at a shop. This is not a recommended method just happened to be my path.

5. When you are not tattooing, how do you like to spend your free time?
Getting wild at shitty bars and driving fast cars.
6. Who are your artistic influencers?/Mentors?
Nick Ley, Clay Decker, Richard Steell and Jason Brooks.
7. Any heroes?
Thor, Odin, Bill Clinton and Gucci Mane
8. How has being tattooed affected your life?
You get use to be starred at, immediately judged as a criminal or degenerate and harassed.
9. What tattoo has the most meaning for you?
A tribute piece on my arm for my friend that passed away in 1997.
10. What motivated you in your profession?
 It’s an ego game! No one wants to be picked last, your always trying to be better than the guy next to you. Anyone that disagrees is fucking lying.
11. Favorite shops to tattoo at?
Saints & Sinners in Dallas, TX
12. Favorite people to tattoo alongside?
All of my homies.
13. Favorite style of tattoos?
Anything that falls into the four major styles. Old school traditional, traditional Japanese, Chicano fine line and Polynesian tribal.
14. Do you have a “specialty?”
Fine line lettering
15. Best way to set up an appt.?
Call Saints & Sinners @ 972-939-6034

16. Do you have any favorite places to travel? & Where would you like to go?
Favorite place is Iceland, like to go to Fiji.
17. How do your travels inspire the tattoos you like and like to do?

Outside inspiration is always personal motivation./span>

18. What music are you listening to currently?
Stoner Metal

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