Featured Collector: Jennie Stone!

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Jennie Stone
, Jewelry Designer & Tattoo Collector…check out her “stone” loveliness @ www.moonpi.net or on Instagram @moonpijewelry!Jennieselfie

1. Tell us about your first tattoo...
I got my first tattoo one month after turning 18. Its my back piece (I was so excited!!!) a drawing of mine that was designed to fit the muscles/ pressure points on the back. A lady by the name of Jennie Zaine did it in Santa Barbara CA.
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2.Tell us about your most recent tattoo…
My most reason tattoo is my leg piece. It has been a work in progress for the past 3-4 yrs. the concept is a drawing of mine and my artist has made adjustments as needed. It’s kind of a totem of all the things I need/ want to remind myself of. Will Card of Saints & Sinners is the artist working on it. He has incredibly clean line work, which is why I wanted him for this tattoo. Turns out that he’s a pretty rad dude also! Will travels most of the year, and when he comes to Los Angeles I always get something done. It’s always fun to look forward to the next session.  
3. Any Favorite artists?  Shout outs?
My favorite artist is the gentleman that has been working on my leg.  Will is always such a blast to work with and be around. Full of stories and jokes! Not to mention he is extremely talented and versatile in many different styles. I wou

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ld like to think he will be tattooing me until we are both old and grey.

4.  Anyone you want to get tattooed by?
I’ve only been tattooed by two people…. so no one in particular. There are lots of talented artists out there. But I’m kind of a habitual person when I find something I like I stick with it.
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5.  Where is your favorite place to travel? Any dream destinations?
I want to travel everywhere I can! No limits. The world is a dream destination. Hoping that the next leg of my lives journey will allow for that to be a many focus. 

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6.  What’s the furthest you have travelled to get tattooed?
I’ve been super fortunate.  Living in Los Angeles there is a lot of talent around. So I haven’t needed to travel much to get tattooed.
7.  Run us through a typical day for you…
Well, I am a Jewelry Designer. I own a small business called MoonPi where I specialize in making Modern Native American inspired jewelry for men and women. My day usually starts off around 9am with a cup of Yeba Máte and a few pieces of fruit. Then its checking emails and off to the work bench. I spend most of my 10-15 hr work day meticulously designing, sawing, sanding, soldering and setting stones. Repeat this five days a week with few gym sessions and social interaction throughout to make up a full seven days.
8.  What inspires you?
Life… Everyday is a gift and I try to take full advantage of it. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to allow yourself to be open to it. Try to look at everything like its the first time you’ve seen it, don’t take any of it at a glance or for granted.
9.  What are your Top 3 Deserted Island Records?

That’s a tough one. Feel like that changes all the time… for the moment it would have to be:

Fitz and the Tantrum/ Pickin’ Up The Pieces

Allah-Las/ Allah-Las

Anything by Foghat! I’m on a Foghat kick right now 🙂

moonpi_assortment moonpi_necklaces

10.  Tell us about what you do?/Business, Projects, anything you want to promote etc….
***Talked about it in my typical day, but there is always something new on the horizon 🙂 
In the meantime check out what I’m currently working on: moonpi_rings 
Instagram: moonpijewelry
Thank you INKLERS for including me!!!
Best Wishes,
Jennie Stone

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